Information and Signal Processing Lab.

Mechatronics Engineering | Incheon National University

Welcome to the information and signal processing laboratory (ISPLab.) in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at Incheon National University. Our research interests focus on the areas of signal processing/machine learning and their application to bioinformatics, image processing, and data analysis. Please see the research page for more details.


I am currently recruiting for graduate students/undergraduate research interns. Please send me your CV, transcripts, and brief research statement.

  • Preferred courseworks: Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Signals and Systems, Information Theory, Contorl Theory, Image Processing, and Digital Systems.

  • Preferred computer skills: C/C++, MATLAB, R, and Python.


  • 12/2019 Our paper for a single-cell clustering algorithm has been accepted to APBC 2020 and will be published in Computational Biology and Chemistry as a special issue.

  • 12/2019 Our paper for a multiple network clustering algorithm has been accepted to APBC 2020 and will be published in BMC Genomics as a special issue.

  • 09/2019 We moved to Incheon National University

  • 03/2019 We received a research grant from National Research Foundation of Korea. (Mar. 2019 - Feb. 2022)

  • 12/2018 Our paper for a network-based RNA structural alignment has been accepted to Bioinfomatics.

  • 11/2018 Hyundoo Jeong won the Young Scholar Research Award from KIIS (Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems).

  • 11/2018 Invited talk at Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems 2018 Fall conference.

  • 09/2018 Hyundoo Jeong joined the Department of Electronic Engineering in the Chosun University.